Hawk 912 Build diary starting 1st December 2008.

Follow the progress of the latest kit being fitted with the Rotax 912 engine

Check out the regular updates each week to show just how fast the quick-build kit is to assemble

The kit arrives in just two boxes

All neatly packed.

All the parts come fully protected and numbered

The main frames comes together very quickly.

Add in the rudder pedals and floor after covering with cord carpet.

Side tubes and bracings make the frame really rigid.

Mount the tank and flap control box.

Attach the rear tubes and bracing to form the fuselage.

Another hour adds some colour to back end

The 912 engine frame and engine casing to check it all lines up.

As this is the first 912 Hawk the engine frame needs to be load tested.

The frame ready for the loads to be applied. This is outside of the normal build time.

Engine frame now painted and ready to trial fit the engine

Another view of the finished engine frame

The Rotax 912 collected from Skydrive

912 engine ready to fit