First fit of the cowling with clecos before the main fixings installed

Another view of the cowling lined up ready for final fixing

Lower cowling now fitted.

Fitting of the back end is almost complete.

Fitting of the top cowling makes the front end now complete

Fitting of the dash panel using the fixings supplied is another hours work.

Battery box fitted behind passengers seat

Battery cables through the firewall protected with tube and sealant

Fuel filter between the seats for easy access and a clear view

Flow and return fuel lines through the firewall

Now ready for choke and throttle cables

New hydraulic caliper is something I have added

Hydraulic brake lever fits nicely on the control stick

Throttle and choke splitters mounted on the firewall

Fitting the fuel lines

Silencer fitted tight under the engine frame to make way for the radiator

Enigma glass panel with radio and back up ASI / Altimeter