Trial fit of the engine to check the frame fit.

Trial fit of the front cowling.

Now ready for the firewall to be fitted. Fairly difficult taking a while to make a good fit.

After drilling out the holes for the engine support tubes.

Photo showing the completed engine frame and engine support tubes fitted

Fitting the roof panel is quick and easy as it is in one section.

The firewall is fitted in 5 parts. first part is held in place with clecos.

Right side of firewall is again fitted with clecos.

Firewall now finished.

Adding the cockpit lower cabin sides. Pack out with washers to fill any gaps.

Fitting the screen is a doddle. The lexan is pre-cut and drilled to fit.

Two hours well spent sealing the firewall up with high temp sealant. Build time now 23 hrs.

battery box fitted behind the passengers seat.

Rear cockpit cover fitted.

Seats fitted now. Next job is to fit the front cowlings.