The Xair Hawk

Fly More For Less

The Xair Hawk has moved three axis microlights into a new generation of aircraft

The Xair Hawk construction technique has been developed and improved over the 20 year period that Raj Hamsa has been manufacturing kits. It consists mainly of aluminium tubes linked through welded steel components and sailcloth.

The result is a kit which is very simple to build where all the holes are predrilled and the nuts and bolts are placed in position.

The kit is supplied with a comprehensive build manual, which contains diagrams as well as script and a fully illustrated parts book. There is also a help line available for any one who needs reassurance.

The Facts

The Hawk with its large heated duel control cabin, the renowned contoured and adjustable bucket seats and excellent all round visibility, gives the pilot and passenger a level of wellbeing which is unmatched in this type of aircraft. Before you purchase your next aircraft let us demonstrate all the advantages of buying a new Xair Hawk.


  • Duel control (A stick each)
  • Excellent short field performance
  • Wing fold as standard
  • Cross wind capability
  • Wide track well sprung undercarriage
  • Great all round visability
  • Realistic price and easy availability of parts

Xair Hawk the quality kit that won’t break the bank