Xair Hawk Build Photos

These are Various pictures of different parts of the build of the Xair Hawk.
Some may be useful to understand where or how a part is fitted.

Please send any pictures you have to the address on contacts page.

Main suspension bungees, hook both ends onto the bolts and wrap around should have 9 strands when you count them in the middle.

Air filter and right angled adapter to clear firewall.

Lacing the wing at the root.

Example of a dash layout.

Another Example of a dash layout, both above dash's have been "flocked" ie Electronically applied felt type finish.

Dash of the latest UK Demonstrator in New dark silver as supplied factory finish. I find it better to mount the dash on the outside of the Dash top, this allows, with rivnuts and thumbscrews easy removal. Compass mount is then fitted behind dash front.