Xair Specification

Aircraft Dimensions & Weight

Length 5.7m/18ft 8ins
Wingspan 9.8m/32ft
Max height 2.55m/8ft 4ins
Wheel track 1.6m/63ins
Wing area 16.00m2
Wing loading 28.13 Kg/m2
Wheel base 1.45m/57ins
Empty weight 582 232Kg/510lbs

Side View

General configuration

Two seater side by side 3 axis
Ailerons, elevator and rudder
Full dual control - two sticks, two throttles & two sets of rudder pedals
High wing, high mounted engine
Tricycle gear with independant shock absorbers
Steerable nose wheel linked to rudder pedals
Toe operated differential brakes
Enclosed cockpit
Lexan screen
Elevator trim

Front View

Misc. Specifications

Two 27l tanks
Polyester sail cloth
G loading +6 -3
6061 T6 aluminium
Comprehensive instruments

Top View